Meet the Team

Ryan Dhindsa, M.D., Ph.D.
Assistant Professor, PI

Research interests: Building a stellar, interdisciplinary team, human genetics, computational biology, precision medicine, and neurodevelopmental disease

Hobbies: Saltwater fish tanks, cooking, espresso, finding new restaurants, spending time with friends & family

Alma Mater: Columbia University (M.D./Ph.D.), Duke University (B.S.)

Hometown: Reno, NV

Vida Ravanmehr, Ph.D.
Senior Bioinformatics Analyst

Research interests: Bioinformatics, NGS, Machine learning, Algorithms

Hobbies: Spending time with family and friends, cooking, hiking, exploring new restaurants, working out, watching movies

Alma Mater: University of Arizona (Ph.D.)

Hometown: Isfahan, Iran

Aarthi Pugazenthi, M.S.
Lab Manager

Research interests: Human genetics, CRISPRi, single cell RNA sequencing, electrophysiology, biobanking, small molecule screening and drug discovery, precision medicine, and neurodevelopmental disease

Hobbies: Baking, playing piano, working out, badminton, gardening, and cooking

Alma Mater: University of Texas at San Antonio (M.S.)

Hometown: Tamil Nadu, India

Sahar Pourhoseini, Ph.D.
Research Associate

Research interests: Human genetics, clinical research, single-cell RNA-seq, Neurodevelopmental disease

Hobbies: Hiking, dancing, spending quality time with family and friends, baking, planting, eating

Alma Mater: University of South Carolina (Ph.D.)

Hometown: Tehran, Iran

Chloe Sands
Research Technician II

Research interests: Neurodevelopmental disease, human genetics, and neuron & iPSC culture as a means of studying the former  

Hobbies: Rock climbing, baking, reading, drawing  

Alma Mater: University of Texas at Austin (B.S.)  

Hometown: Houston, TX

Alex Han
Undergraduate Research Assistant

Research interests: Alzheimer's disease and genomics, Interested in exploring neurodegenerative diseases through biochemical and statistical viewpoints

Hobbies: Basketball, boxing, gym, spending time with family and friends

Alma Mater: Rice University (Class of '24)

Hometown: South Korea and Indonesia

Reef tank
Moral support

Fish: Dr. Ham (clownfish) & Marie Curie (Royal gramma)

Corals: Zoanthids, torch coral, hammer coral, Duncan coral, mushroom coral, bubble coral, and more!